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What are Random Number Generators, and how do they work?

Software random generators (PRNG): Software RNGs use mathematical algorithms to generate random numbers, initializing the algorithm with a "seed" value derived from some repetitive operation in the computer, such as keystrokes, running processes, the computer's clock, or mouse movements. However, it is extremely difficult to come up with a completely random seed value, since most such operations only provide seeds with a small range of values.
The challenge of software RNGs is that the sequence of numbers based on the seed value is completely deterministic, since their creation is accomplished with a software algorithm. So even if the seed value is truly random, the numbers the RNG creates are predictable if someone can figure out the algorithm used to produce them. Thus the numbers generated by software RNGs are not considered truly random, but pseudo-random, and the software RNGs that generate them are known as Pseudo-Random Number Generators (PRNGs).

Hardware random generators (TRNG): Hardware RNGs do not require seeds because hardware random numbers are not computed values; they are not derived through a repeatable algorithm. Rather, hardware-generated random numbers are digitized snapshots of naturally occurring noise. Because there is no algorithm and no repeating sequences of numbers, even if a hacker could determine one number, he would not be able to use it to predict any future numbers. For this reason, hardware RNGs are known as Truly Random Number Generators, or TRNGs

Who are the DGE and what do they do in relation to Betfair?
The Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) is the New Jersey Government body that regulates Betfair's online casino in New Jersey, and its partners. More information on the DGE, as well as a list of regulated companies may be found on their website.
How do I contact Betfair?
To get in touch with our NJ casino online support via email or live chat, visit our contact us page or call us at 855-BETFAIR from 10am to 8pm EST.
How do I find information on Betfair Casino promotions and bonuses?
Please visit our promotion page here.
How can I tell which Casino funds are bonus funds and which are not?
You can view your full account balance here. Cash total is the total cash in your account. Anything else is bonus funds.
Where can I find out about table limits and pay outs for a specific Casino game?
Table limits and average RTP info can always be found in the menu of the game. If you are unable to find this please contact us customer services team here.
What do I do if I have an incomplete or broken game on Casino?
Please contact Customer Service and we will be happy to assist.
How can I calculate how much I have wagered on the Casino?
Should you wish to obtain this figure please contact Customer Service.
How do I open an account?
To open an account, please Register with Betfair Casino.
How do bonuses and promotions work on Betfair Casino?
Full details of all of our online casino New Jersey promotions, their Terms and Conditions, and how they work can be found on our promotions page.
How do I cancel a Betfair Casino bonus and what happens to my money?
If you wish to opt out of bonuses, please contact our Customer Service team here.
Where can I see my Betfair Casino bonuses?
Please click here to see your full account breakdown
Where can I see my Betfair Casino balance?
Please click here to see your full account breakdown
How do I get a Casino bonus?
Please visit our Promotions page for details on all of our promotions.
What games can I use to complete the wagering requirements on my Betfair Casino bonus?
The wagering requirement breakdown is always listed in the terms and conditions of each promotion and can be found on our Promotions page.
How can I self exclude from Betfair Casino?
Should you wish to self exclude please visit our Responsible Gaming page here.
Mobile Casino: How do I access it and what games are offered?
Go to BetfairCasino.com on your mobile device and you will be taken to the mobile site.
Mobile Casino: How do I register with Betfair?
Please click here to register.
Mobile Casino: How do I deposit funds?
Please click here to deposit funds
Mobile Casino: How do I withdraw funds?
Please click here to view our full list of withdrawal options.
Mobile Casino: What happens if I receive a call while playing?
Don’t worry, if you receive a call the game will be placed in a holding state ready for you to continue playing once the call has ended.
Mobile Casino: Where do I see my history of the games?
You can view a complete history of all games here.
Mobile Casino: What phones are compatible?
Most Apple, Android, and Windows phone are compatible as well as some Blackberry devices. Please contact our Customer Service team if you are unsure if your device is compatible.
Mobile Casino: Are there any costs or fees for playing Casino games?
No the house does not take a fee for casino games.
Will my winnings be reported to the IRS?

Any bet which results in proceeds of $1,200.00 or more from online slot games must be reported by us to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

If you are subject to IRS reporting requirements, we will send you Form W2-G summarising the information for tax purposes by January 31 following the end of the tax year of winning.

Since you provided us with a full Social Security Number at registration we are not required to withhold federal or New Jersey State Income Tax from your winnings. Whether or not you are subject to tax on your winnings is dependent upon your own individual circumstances and as such we are not able to provide personal tax advice.

Deposits & Withdrawals

How do I deposit funds?
You can deposit funds via Credit/Debit Cards, ACH, Wire Transfer, Check Deposit and via a Cage deposit. Please click here to deposit funds

Why has my transaction been declined?
We’re sorry, but we are unable to proceed with your transaction. Our decision was based in whole or in part on information obtained from Certegy Check Services, Inc. (“Certegy”).
Certegy is unable to tell you the specific reasons for the denial decision made by us, but can give you the information contained in Certegy’s file. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have the right to obtain a free copy of your information held in Certegy’s file, if you request it no later than 60 days after you receive this notice. In addition, if you find that any information in Certegy’s file is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to dispute it with Certegy. You may reach Certegy at www.askCertegy.com; toll free at 866-740-3276, or write to Certegy Check Services, Inc., P.O. Box 30046, Tampa, FL 33630-3046.

How do I withdraw funds?
You can withdraw funds via ACH, Check or Cage Withdrawal. Please click here to view our full list of Withdrawal options
How do I make a Cage deposit?
You can make a cage deposit into your Betfair account at the Casino Cage at the Golden Nugget, Atlantic City
How do I make a Cage Withdrawal?
You can make a cage withdrawal by requesting the withdrawal online in the 'Withdraw' section. Once the Withdrawal has been requested it wil be available at the Casino Cage in the Golden Nugget from 24 hours after the Withdrawal request was made. Please click here to view our full list of Withdrawal options.
Is there a limit to the number of Credit/Debit cards I can have registered on my account?
You can have up to 3 cards registered at once, to add more cards you can delete a card registered previously.

Location Detection Plugin

What is the location detection plugin?
The location detection plugin is a piece of software downloaded within your browser which allows us to pinpoint your location using your wireless internet connection.
When do I need to install the location detection plugin?
After registering your account, you will be directed to the page where you may install the location detection plugin. If you have already completed the registration process prior to reading our FAQs, you will be prompted to install the location detection plugin when attempting to launch a game.
How do I install the location detection plugin?
You will be directed to the location detection plugin installation page once you have completed the registration process or when you are attempting to launch a game. On this page, depending on whether you are on a Windows or Mac operating system, you will need to select the relevant install button to download the plugin. Once you have successfully installed the location detection plugin you will be able to continue playing without interruptions.
Why do I need to install the location detection plugin?
By law, we must be able to confirm that you are physically located within the State of New Jersey in order to play our games. You need to install the location detection plugin in order for us to be able to confirm your location within the State.
Do I need to install the location detection plugin every time I access the site?
If you have downloaded the location detection plugin on your PC previously you will not be required to install the plugin again. If however, you are accessing Betfair Casino on a PC for the first time, you will be required to install the plugin.
How can check if the location detection plugin is installed correctly on my PC?
If you have forgotten whether or not you have installed the location detection plugin, please login to your account, select your username from the top right hand side of the site and from the dropdown menu choose the option 'Location Detection Status'. By selecting this, the site will run a check and confirm to you whether you have the location detection plugin installed or not.
I have installed the location detection plugin however I am still unable to launch a game on the site?
There could be 2 reasons why you might be unable to launch a game after installing the location detection plugin.

  • You are not physically located in New Jersey or you are very close to the state border. Areas close to the state border are designated as high risk areas by state gaming regulators.
  • You do not have a wifi adapter installed on your PC. A wifi adapter must be installed and turned on at all times in order to be able to play on our site. Betfair Casino detects your location by locating nearby wifi hotspots in order to determine that you are located in New Jersey. In order to enable us to do this, you need a wifi adapter installed and switched on.

If you don’t have a wifi adapter and need assistance, please contact our Customer Service team here.

How to enable your Wi-Fi:

Windows Users:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Click on “Network and Internet” or “Network Connections”
  • Click “View network status and tasks” or select the icon of the Wi-Fi adapter you want to enable
  • Click “Connect or disconnect” or click “Enable”

Mac OS Users:

  • Click the AirPort icon in your Menu bar and select: Turn AirPort On
Do I need to install the location detection plugin on my mobile or tablet?
No, you will not need to install the location detection plugin on your mobile or tablet, as these products have built-in wifi capabilities which allow us to confirm your location.