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In this feature-packed slot, you can experience the fun and excitement of playing Yahtzee, mixed with the chance to win real money! This 5-reel, 60-line game comes loaded with 3 exclusive Bonus rounds which can boost your bankroll in a major way! Collect 5 Feature symbols to activate the Yahtzee bonus and roll your way to big Multipliers! Trigger the 4 to a Yahtzee Freeroll Feature by picking up 5 Roll symbols and make either a 4 of a kind or a Yahtzee guaranteed! Finally, when you hit 2 Yahtzee’s in a row, you’ll receive a special Back-To-Back Bonus! Roll the dice in this classic game and go home a winner!

  • Reels: 5
  • Lines: 60
  • Game Features: Yahtzee, 4 to a Yahtzee Free Roll, Back-to-Back Yahtzee
  • Wild Symbol: Wild
  • Bonus Symbols: Bonus, Roll
  • Game Developer: Williams Interactive
  • Game Category: Video Slots

Betting Set-Up

The betting structure in Yahtzee is a bit different than other slot games. In this slot you’ll select your bet amount by choosing from the amounts shown in the boxes underneath the reels. Those amounts are produced by multiplying the 60 lines by the bet per line, and adding a bit more to pay the feature bet. But no need to get out your calculator, simply click the amount you’d like to bet and tap the red circle Spin icon to set the reels rolling.

With the autoplay feature, you can select a specific amount of spins which you would like to have played out by the game automatically.

Special Features


If 5 Feature are collected, or if you click on Start Feature after collecting at least one Feature, the Yahtzee Feature will be activated. Matching dice with the greatest expected value will be held, and may be switched for dice of greater value in subsequent rolls. After 3 rolls, the dice will be evaluated. All awards are multiplied by the number of Feature collected before triggering the Bonus Round. If no pair is rolled after 3 rolls, the Chance Feature is awarded.

4 to a Yahtzee Free Roll

When 5 Scattered Roll symbols appear, the 4 to a Yahtzee Freeroll feature is triggered. Four dice of the same number will be held and one die will be rolled, awarding a 4 of a kind or a Yahtzee.

Back-to-back Yahtzee

If any Yahtzee is awarded, one additional roll of 5 dice will be awarded. On that roll, if a Yahtzee of any rank is rolled, the Back-To-Back Yahtzee Bonus is awarded instead of the original Yahtzee award.

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