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Smash the Pig

Smash the Pig
Smash the Pig

The piggy banks are all filled to the brim in Smash the Pig, a fixed 20-line slot which boasts 2 potentially lucrative Bonus features! When 3 or more Pig symbols fall, you’ll trigger the Pick a Pig Bonus. During this award, choose from a selection of very scared-looking Pigs to reveal Multipliers of up to 20X! You’ll have a shot at winning even more when 3 or more Bonus symbols appear, kicking off the Pig Smashing Bonus. Take your hammer and smash Pigs to reveal Multipliers until the luck in your Luck Meter runs out! Break open the Smash the Pig piggy banks today and start filling your own!

  • Reels: 5
  • Lines: 20
  • Game Features: Pick A Pig Bonus, Pig Smashing Bonus
  • Wild Symbol: N/A
  • Scatter Symbol: Bonus, Pig
  • Game Developer: IGT
  • Game Category: Video Slots

How to Bet

To make a real money spin in Smash the Pig, simply click the green Total Bet button and choose the amount you’d like to wager on the spin. With your bet set, all that’s left to do is to click the round spin button in the bottom right-hand corner of the game window to make your spin.

Special Features

Pick a Pig Bonus

When 3-5 Scattered Pig symbols appear, this Bonus Feature will be triggered. Pick a Pig to reveal one of the following awards:

  • A random Multiplier between 1-20X the total bet
  • A random Multiplier between 1-15X the total bet and another chance to pick
  • All available awards
  • Trigger the Pig Smashing Bonus

Pig Smashing Bonus

When 3 or more Scattered Bonus symbols appear on the reels, the Pig Smashing Bonus is activated. Each symbol which appears adds luck to the Luck Meter.

Pick a Pig to reveal a Multiplier between 1-20X the total bet. Smashing a Pig empties a portion of the luck from the Luck Meter. Keep picking until all of the luck runs out. If there is any luck remaining after 5 Pigs are smashed, the remaining Pigs run away. New Pigs then appear and more luck is added to the Luck Meter. Once there is not enough luck left over to smash the next Pig, the remaining luck is added as a Multiplier of the total bet and awarded with the last smashed Pig.

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