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Roulette Royale

Roulette Royale
Roulette Royale

Monoco, where ornate medieval buildings and the crystal clear turquoise sea sparkles under the warm Mediterranean sun. The castle where Grace Kelly lived after marrying the Prince of Monaco is high on the top of the mountain, looking down over the shining city below. In the even more well-known neighbourhood of Monte Carlo money and expensive champagne flow like water in it’s glamorous restaurants and casinos. It’s a hedonist’s paradise. A dream gambling destination.

A fabulously stylish couple get out of their limo and walk up the steps into the Monte Carlo gold and marble casino, dazzlingly lit in the night. They look around the well-furnished rooms sipping their martinis until they approach one of the tables in the casino. They place their chips and the ball is rolling. It’s play time.

Do you want to bring a sense of this hedonistic paradise to your day? Do you want to get a sense of this luxury through your own game of NJ online roulette? Oui? It’s all at your fingertips.

Roulette Royale Game Info:

Type: Casino Table Game

  • Features: Turbo mode, side French bets available
  • Save your favourite betting pattern to load on next game.
  • Option to draw 10 random numbers on history.
  • Game Developer: GameAccount Network

Betting Set-Up:

Choose a betting denomination on the top left hand corner of the screen. Then place your bets by hitting the spaces you would like to bet on. For example, if you choose a betting denomination of 2 dollars and you hit 7 different numbers to bet on, your total bet will be 14 dollars. Hit the Undo button to undo what you have done. If you want to place random bets hit the Random button. After a game to bet the same pattern and amount again use the Re-Bet button.

Side French Bets
These side French bets are also available. The "Les voisins du Zéro" bet covers all the numbers from 22 to 25 on the wheel, 7 numbers on the right of the zero and 9 numbers on its left. The "Les orphelins" bet covers the numbers 1, 20, 14, 31 and 9. It is a section of the wheel. "Tiers" or "The Third of the Wheel" bet covers the numbers from 27 to 33. This is also a section of the wheel.

To Play Roulette Royale:
After your bets have been made hit the Spin button and watch the wheel spin and the ball move.

The typical roulette paytable applies. To see the paytable press the Payout Help button on the top right of the screen.

Save Your betting Pattern:
You can save your favorite betting patterns by using the favorite stars.

Turbo Mode:
Hit the Turbo Mode button to speed up play.

Info Button: To get answers to any questions you may have regarding the set-up procedure, bonuses or other game features click on the info (?) button. Use the arrows on the bottom right-hand corner to scroll through the pages. Click ‘Back’ to return to the game.

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