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Poker Bet

Poker Bet
Poker Bet

The tension around the table is palpable as you stealthily peruse your cards and those on the table. Worried glances and nervous ticks treacherously escape the expressions of your opponent. You’ve got this. You can feel it. That pot is coming home with you.

Poker bet game is the simplest and most popular version of online Poker available. When you feel the need for a fast fix of your favorite card game, Poker bet is it! Loaded with fantastic opportunities for quick cash rewards, this game is waiting for you to take advantage of it!

YOU decide what your stake will be and when, where and how many rounds you want to play at a time. This thrilling and highly rewarding NJ online Poker game puts you in control of your need to play! Register with Betfair Casino today to get started.

Betting Set-up:

First a standard deck of 52 cards is shuffled by pressing the dealer button. Next you and all other players each get 2 cards (this is the Preflop). Now you place your first bet. 3 cards are then dealt face up in the middle of the table (this is The Flop) and these cards are called the community cards; you and the other players can use these cards to create the best hand possible. Once again, you place your bets. You then press the dealer button once more and another card is turned over giving you 4 community cards (this is The Turn), after which you bet yet again. Pressing the dealer button for the last time turns over the fifth and last community card (this is The River). Players can now use any of the community cards in addition to either or both of their own two original cards to make up their five-card poker hand.

Each player is then ready to show his or her cards (this is the Showdown). The player with the best hand wins the game!

Note: If all 5 of the community cards create the winning hand, then all the players in that game split the pot equally. Also note that any player at any point of the game can fold his or her hand and leave the game.

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