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No Commission Baccarat

No Commission Baccarat
No Commission Baccarat

Baccarat is a fun, easy to learn game which has exploded in popularity in Asia, with highrollers in Macau spending upwards of $1 million on a single hand. The game also brings with it a certain air of luxury, and is favored by a certain well-known and dapper British secret agent.

But you don’t need to be a tycoon to play Baccarat at Betfair's New Jersey online casino. While the standard game is already known to have one of the smallest house edges in the casino, No Commission Baccarat tweaks the rules even further in your favor by doing away with the commission normally taken on Banker bet wins! If you’re looking to try an exciting game with a low house take, place your bet on this lucrative Baccarat variant!

About the Game
No Commission Baccarat rules are identical to our standard Baccarat game, with the only difference being that no commission is taken on winning Banker bets. Payouts are 1:1 unless the Banker bet win is on an 8, in which case the payout is 1:2. The scorecard on the top left corner of the screen allows you to track all Player wins, losses and ties.

How to Play
Set on a sleek 3-D felt, No Commission Baccarat offers a smooth and realistic playing experience. The game is narrated by friendly female dealer who highlights the action.

To make a bet, first select a chip denomination by clicking on its icon on the bottom right of the game. Next decide if you would like to bet on the Player or Banker, and if you would like to bet on a tie, by clicking their respective circles. When you’re satisfied with your bet, click the Deal button on the bottom center of the game screen. If you would like to remove any part of your bet, just click the Undo button to take away one chip at a time.

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