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Let it Ride

Let it Ride
Let it Ride

You’re always hoping for a sweet win, but this time you are in the mood to win big and you desperately need it! You need to get some cash fast and you know just where to go! You head online to one of your favorite and most trusted online casinos in New Jersey and power up the game you consider your ‘sweet spot’ – the one you have the best luck at. You plug in a couple bets and you watch the cards fall, contemplating them for a moment before going with your gut and making a quick decision. Your gut pays off – you’ve won thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes! That’s what we call, easy money!

Let It Ride Game Info:

About the Game

Let It Ride is an interesting spin on traditional poker that will be exciting for both those who are new to online poker games in NJ and those who have more experience in this arena. Like a fun drive motoring down the Pacific Coast Highway, Let It Ride is great fun for everyone and can be played at any time of the day from any participating location! So if you need winnings and you need them fast, Let It Ride is an excellent choice for you!

Let It Ride Game Details

  • Let It Ride has higher hold percentages than the average game of Roulette, Baccarat or Blackjack!!
  • This game brings an estimated $400 MILLION in winnings to players every year!
  • Over 50,000 players play Let It Ride on a daily basis!
  • Let It Ride has been installed over 500 hundred times in more than ten countries!
  • Let It Ride has an extra side game called 3 Card Bonus, which gives players another chance at winning big!
  • Players are not competing against the dealer or other players. Instead, players compete against a paytable!
  • Players try to create a winning Tens or Better hand out of the three cards they are dealt and the three community cards.

How To Play Let It Ride

The game begins with players placing three bets according to their preferences. The dealer then deals the players three cards. Once the player has seen their cards, they may choose to remove one of their best or keep all three active. The dealer will then reveal one of the two community cards, at which point the player can again choose to take back one of their bets or however many bets are active on the table. The dealer will then reveal the second community card and the player will be paid according to how many bets they left on the table and how winning of a five-card hand they can create with the two community cards.

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