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Hi-Lo Solitaire

Hi-Lo Solitaire
Hi-Lo Solitaire

You thrive when you see and hear the sights and sounds of the casino. You get a charge from the thrill of making your wager. You revel in the increase in your heartbeat as you watch the game unfold. The complete lift that comes from winning runs right through you. It’s your way of decompressing from the drudgery of the daily grind and it’s your escape from boredom and monotony.

You ‘d love some action but you can’t get away right now.

Never fear. Bring that rush to you, right here, right now!

Now it’s available at your fingertips because, with the click of a mouse, you can have the relief of that great escape in front of you. There is no need to travel. There’s no waiting at all. Whenever you feel the need to get away, the green of a casino table is in front of you and you are ready for action!

Hi Lo Table Game Info:

  1. Type: Casino Table Game
  2. Paytable: Odds are changed dynamically according to your selections
  3. Features: Shuffle anytime, bet on high, low, and suit/color of next card
  4. Game Developer: GAMEACCOUNT NETWORK

Betting Set-Up:

To set the amounts of your wager, simply use the + and – symbols near the bottom of the screen. Each click on the + or – symbols adds or subtracts one dollar. You can quickly set your bet at the minimum or maximum simply by clicking on the MIN or MAX buttons. You can also use the slider to slide your wager to the right for a higher amount or to the left for a lower amount.

The odds are changed dynamically according to the selections you make and are displayed. You choose what the next card’s suit will be by pressing on anyone of the Spade, Diamond, Club or Heart buttons or the color of the card by pressing the Red or Black button. In addition, you can choose whether the next card will be higher or lower with the Higher or Lower buttons. Each choice you make changes your potential payout. The more specific your choices, the more you win! Your returns for wins are shown on the bottom of the screen as well as on the card that was just played.

Info Button:
To get more information on game play, simply click on the ? button.

Shuffle Cards Button: You have the option of shuffling the cards at any time by using the Shuffle Cards button, which is located at the bottom right of the screen, to the left of the ? button.

Let It Ride Button
This gives you the convenience of not changing your betting strategy and simply continuing to play the same game until you decide to change it again. For this option, click on the Let It Ride button on the bottom left of your screen.

Buy-In or Cashout:
To buy in, simply use the Buy-In button on the bottom right of the screen. When you are ready to cash-out, simply click on the Cashout button to the right of the Buy-In button. Your current balance is shown at the bottom right of the screen.

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