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Shadows dance around the empty house as a howling wind outside does nothing to calm your pounding heart. Floorboards creak upstairs even though this house has been allegedly abandoned for over a quarter of a century. You have a feeling whatever is making the noises up stairs, though, is far from human. Putting aside any notions of fear or worry, you bravely make your way upstairs with your weapon in hand, poised and at the ready to shoot whatever you may find.

You come upon a cobwebbed room with a rocking chair moving slowly, but growing faster and faster as you enter further into the room. Suddenly, the door to the room slams shut and you can hear the sounds of a key turning on the other side of it! A floating white figure appears and hurtles towards you, but you raise your gun just in time to shoot it and send it flying away!

Ghostbusters Slot Game Info

  • Reels: 5
  • Lines: 30
  • Game Features: Free Spins, Stay Puft Bonus, Ballroom Busters, Stacked Wilds, Bonus Entrance, Mystery Wilds
  • Wild Symbol: the word ‘Wild’
  • Bonus Symbols: the word ‘Bonus’ with different ghosts
  • Game Developer: IGT

About the Game
“Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” What slot game are you going to play? Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters is a fun theme slot gamed designed off of the film of the same name. You will find all of your favourite characters from the hit movie appear on the reels and just as they made you smile when you watched the move they will making you smile once again as they help you win big! This game will likely bring feelings of nostalgia to some, but will even more likely bring some sweet cash to most players!

Stay Puft Bonus Feature
This exciting bonus feature is activated when two Ghostbusters scatter symbols appear on the second and third reels and one Stay Puft symbol appears on the fourth reel. During this feature, the player is awarded eight free spins! Additionally, this feature also has stacked wilds, making the winning possibilities endless!

Ballroom Busters Bonus Feature
To activate this feature the player must get the bonus symbol on the second and third reels as well as the Slimer bonus symbol on the fourth reel. A screen will appear and the player will then venture through a ballroom in which he or she has five tries to get rid of the Slimers that are lurking in the room. For each Slimer the player manages to blast they will receive a different cash prize!!

This game features some amazing payouts that vary depending on which character has appeared. Payouts for the characters are as follows:

  • Wild symbol – 5x = 500, 4x = 200, 3x = 40,
  • Dr. Raymond “Ray” Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) – 5x = 250, 4x = 75, 3x = 25
  • Dr. Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) – 5x = 250, 4x = 75, 3x = 25
  • Dr. Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) – 5x = 200, 4x = 50, 3x = 20
  • Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson) – 5x = 200, 4x = 50, 3x = 20
  • Louis Tully (Rick Moranis) – 5x = 150, 4x = 30, 3x = 10
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