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Ghostbusters Spectral Search

Ghostbusters Spectral Search
Ghostbusters Spectral Search

In Ghostbusters Spectral Search you’ll use the team’s latest tool, the Spectral Processing Optical Operations Kit sensor, to find hidden ghosts and win big! Begin by buying a ticket, then select a location where you think ghosts might be on the loose. Switch on your high-tech detection device and scan the room for ghosts. If you find 2 or more inside your grid, you’ll win the prize detailed in the notepad on the left side of the game window! Relive the fun of the Ghostbusters movies in Spectral Search and pocket some serious cash in the process!

At a Glance

  • Game Developer: IGT
  • Game Category: Instant Win

How to Bet

To place your bet in Ghostbusters Spectral Search, you’ll first need to purchase a ticket. Click the + icon to the right of the Ticket Cost button to choose the value of your ticket, then click Buy to start your game. You’ll now be prompted to choose one of several locations, which you can preview by clicking the left and right arrows adjacent to the Select box.

Once you’ve decided on a room, click Select to start the game. A grid will be overlaid on the screen and you will select 5 boxes. If any ghosts appear, they’ll be checked off on the notepad on the left side of the game window. If all of the check boxes are completed, you’ll win the indicated prize. Once you finish with the first room, you’ll be taken to a second room, where the process will be repeated.

If you’d like to play hands-free, just click the Auto Search button to have the game play out on its own.

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