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Game King Bonus Poker

Game King Bonus Poker
Game King Bonus Poker

You’re eyeing your buddies as you contemplate the hand you have been dealt. You could play it safe with a two pair or you might just be able to finagle a Full House if you literally play your cards right. As if you needed an incentive to take a chance, one of your friends decides to up the ante and add what he terms a ‘bonus’. He doubles his chips and sends them to the center of the table to the awe of everyone else. The pot just got a lot bigger, but so did the risks.

You decide to reach for the stars so to speak and try for a Full House, raising your stake in the process. Your palms sweat and your heart begins beating a little faster as you think of all the things you could buy with this win. A huge win could be only a card away and you’re about to find out!

Bonus Poker Game Info:

About the Game
For those who enjoy an exciting game of poker and are always up for trying something new, this might be the perfect game for you! Bonus Poker is poker with an exciting spin – and we mean spin literally! The game follows the classic rules of poker, but offers a spinning twist whereby players can amplify their winnings and watch their bank accounts rise.

How to Play Bonus Poker
The aim of this game is to create the most winning 5-card poker hand possible. To begin, the player should decide how much they would like to wager on a particular hand. Once they have decided, the player can use the Bet Up or Bet Down keys to select the desired amount they want to wager. There are multiple ways to Bet Up including clicking the Bet Up button, pressing on the Right arrow key on the keyboard, or pressing on the Up arrow key. Similarly to Bet Down the player can click the Bet Down button, press the Left arrow key, or press the Down arrow key.

The player can then click on the Deal button to receive his or her cards. After contemplating their hand, the player must select the cards he or she wishes to keep by clicking on the card and then the Hold button. If there are any cards that they do not wish to keep, the player can then press the Draw button to receive new cards.

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