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European Roulette

European Roulette
European Roulette

Renowned software developer NetEnt brings its design excellence to table games with this sleek version of European roulette. With photorealistic graphics, a beautifully-crafted wheel, and an easy-to-read table layout, you’ll feel like you’re sitting inside and elegant, real-life Atlantic City casino! You’ll also enjoy features unique to online play, like a display showing Hot and Cold numbers, statistics on win percentage of black vs red and odd vs even numbers, and a dynamic billboard. What’s more, you can make repeat wagers on your favorite numbers using the Favorite Bets feature and play a series of games hands-free using the Autoplay function. Enjoy the perks of playing online while feeling the rush of real-money betting in this expertly-constructed roulette game!

How to Play

While the roulette table layout may look complex, the game is quite simple to play. In short, your goal is to guess which slot the ball will fall into after being spun around the wheel by the dealer. It’s important to note that European roulette wheels contain only one ‘0’ slot, while American roulette wheels have both a ‘0’ and a ‘00’ slot. The presence of just one ‘0’ slot in European roulette gives players better odds of winning.

You have several different options when placing your bet, and don’t have to bet on single numbers unless you want to. The options include betting on odd or even numbers, on groups of numbers, or betting on either red or black.

There are two types of bets in roulette: outside bets and inside bets. Inside bets are bets on individual or small groupings of numbers. These wagers are risky and harder to win but pay out extremely well when they do. Outside bets are wagers on large groupings of numbers like odds or evens or color bets. These have a higher likelihood of hitting but do not pay out as handsomely as inside bets.

Placing Your Bet

When you are ready to make your first real-money spin, first choose a chip denomination by clicking the corresponding chip in the bottom center of the game window. Once you’ve selected the chip, it will become attached to your cursor. Navigate to the area of the table layout where you’d like to make your bet and click on the number, grouping or color of your choice.

Before you click to spin the ball, you have a few more options to consider. Take a look at the gray chips to the right of the colored casino chips and you will find an option to double all of your bets, undo your last bet, clear all bets or re-bet your wager from the previous round.

When you’re ready to start the game, click the green button on the bottom right-hand side of the window to start spinning the ball around the wheel. Once the ball falls into a pocket, winning bets are paid and losing bets are collected.

Special Features

NetEnt’s European roulette game also comes with a host of special features. On the heads-up display, you can see past winning numbers along with numbers which have proven to be Hot and Cold. What’s more, when you click the statistics button in the lower navigation, you can see a comparison of how many black vs red numbers have hit, and how many odd vs even numbers have come up.

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