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Double Bonus Spin Roulette

Double Bonus Spin Roulette
Double Bonus Spin Roulette

You’ve put it all on the line in quite possibly the most risky poker move you have ever made. But you just have a good feeling about this game and something tells you your risk-taking will pay off big-time. You had your lucky meal of a club sandwich with no mayo, a house salad with only one spoonful of ranch dressing, a Heineken, and a double fudge brownie. Your lucky penny is secured in your pocket. All you have to do is keep your head in the game and be smart and the huge winnings will be in your pocket alongside your auspicious coin.

Your opponents’ faces are not revealing anything and you are careful to ensure yours doesn’t either. The possible winnings are double even the largest cash prize you ever took home and your pulse races at the thought of winning. With so much on the line you take your chances and keep going with your eyes on the prize.

Double Bonus Poker Game Info:

About the Game
If you enjoyed Game King’s Bonus Poker or are just a fan of poker and winning big in general, you are going to love Double Bonus Poker. This game amps up the winning potential even more with the incredible winnings it has, as you can see in the game’s paytable. So why not take a chance and live a little, with winnings like these, it could pay off for you with a huge pile of cash!

How to Play Double Bonus Poker
This game requires players to try to get a traditional winning 5-card poker hand. To start, players decide the amount of money they would like to bet. To Bet Up, players can select the Bet Up button, press on the Right arrow key, or press on the Up arrow key. To Bet Down there are also multiple ways, including selecting the Bet Down button, pressing on the Down arrow key, or pressing on the Left arrow key.

Once all bets have been placed and the player is ready to begin, he or she can click on the Deal button to set the game in motion. Once players have had a chance to review their cards and decide a game strategy, they must either Hold a card by clicking on the Hold button or replace a card by clicking on the Draw button. There are multiple ways to hold or unhold a card, which include clicking and dragging cards to the appropriate location on the screen and pressing numbered keys 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

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