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Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild
Deuces Wild

It’s Vegas Baby!

You buy your chips and head straight to the Poker Room. As you enter the darkened alcove, the silent tension hits you like a cold wind, but you don’t lose your nerve. There is a seat open at one table and you eye the players there carefully, taking in all you need to know from their faces as they finish their hand. You take your seat as the dealer shuffles the cards. You stack your chips on the green felt while your opponents inspect you like they are trying to see right through you. You keep your cool, showing them you are a serious contender.

The dealer throws out the first card and you feel the excitement and the challenge of this game you love. You are armed with your strategy and you know it’s a winner. Here’s the next card and you smile inside to yourself. You are ready for the thrill and you are ready to win.

The thrill of testing your strategy and skill in your favorite game gives you the charge you relish. You’ve been craving it and now you can have it whenever and wherever you want! No need to wait. There’s no hindrance anymore. Get that charge anytime. It’s always there now, waiting for you because you’re always just a click away!

Deuces Wild Slot Info:

  • Type: Video Poker
  • Bonus features: Turbo Mode, Music
  • Software Developer: GAMEACCOUNT NETWORK

Betting Set-Up:

To set the amounts of your wager, simply use the + and – symbols near the bottom of the screen or set your bet at the minimum or maximum by clicking on the MIN or MAX buttons. At the end of each game, there is a pop-up showing what your final hand is, your stake and the amount you have won. Your balance is displayed at the bottom of the screen at the center.

Info Button:
To get more information on game play, simply click on the ? button.

Hold Button:
If you like your card and you want to keep that particular card, then click on the HOLD button under that card. Do this for each card you want to hold.

Draw Button:
After clicking all the HOLD buttons for the cards you want to keep, click on the DRAW button, which is next to your betting amount, to get new cards.

Buy-In or Cashout:
To buy-in simply use the Buy-In button on the bottom right of the screen. When you are ready to cash-out, simply click on the Cashout button to the right of the Buy-In button.

Turbo Mode:
To make the game fly by, just hit the Turbo Mode button at the bottom right of the screen, just below the music button.

To enhance your online video poker experience, you can choose to have music playing as you play Deuces Wild. For this option, click on the Play button that is located next to the word Music on the bottom right of the screen. The volume controls are also available there if you want to turn the music up or down.

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