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You are just about home when you notice an adorable stray cat mewing softly nearby, but as soon as you go to pet it, it prances off down the street. You reckon it’s awfully cold for a cat to be outside on a night like this and decide to go after it to take it inside for the night. You follow it down the street and around the corner passed the shuttered shops and silent buildings. You are just about to give up when it suddenly stops, climbs atop an old suitcase in an empty lot, and curls up in a ball, purring happily.

You try to ignore the expression ‘curiosity killed the cat’ as you wonder what could possibly be inside the suitcase, but curiosity gets the better of you and you gently nudge the cat off before clicking open the piece of luggage. But this time curiosity certainly did not kill the cat; it made the cat rich with cash! Your jaw drops as the bundles of crisp green bills stare back at you innocently!

Cats Slot Game Info

  • Reels: 5
  • Lines: 30
  • Game Features: Free Spins, Split Symbols Feature
  • Scatter Symbol: Paw Prints
  • Wild Symbol: Cats logo
  • Game Developer: IGT

About the Game
Sometimes it rains cats and dogs outside, but in this feline themed slot game it rains big money! Cats is a cool NJ online slot game that packs the intensity of the most feared big cats in nature with the excitement of winning big. Featuring plenty of opportunities to win and fun graphics including a jungle theme and symbols such as panthers, lions, tigers, and paw prints, this game will make anyone channel their inner lion or lioness to practically attack the available winnings! So sharpen your claws, practice your roar, and spin your way to certain riches and glory!

Split Symbols Feature
To have a winning combination in Cats at least three matching symbols and as many as ten must occur on one of the active paylines. Thus, one of the best features of this game is the Split Symbol feature. In this feature, the wild symbol will split and become two wild symbols, which doubles the player’s chances of having a winning combination and getting more money!

Free Spins Bonus
In addition to fun graphics and the Split Symbols Feature, there is the Free Spins Bonus round in this game. When five or six scatter symbols appear at the same time on the second, third, and fourth reels, the Free Spins Bonus round is activated! If there were five scatters that originally activated the bonus round, then the player will receive five free spins. However, if there were six scatters that triggered the bonus round, the player will receive ten free spins! The winnings in this round of the game are much richer than in the main game with each spin offering nearly triple the average payout as the main game! Please note that the Free Spins Bonus cannot be retriggered again during this round.

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