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You scan the available games on the screen and feel both overwhelmed and jaded by the options. All you want is a no-frills table game that supplies easy graphics, quick gameplay, and sweet winnings! You love a good themed game just as much as the next person, but right now you just need to satisfy your desire to win and win big! Then you find it, a simple blackjack game with a smooth layout. You easily place your bets and are dealt the cards. Before you know it you’re up $50 and have no intentions to stop your winning spree anytime soon!

Player’s Suite Blackjack Game Info:

About the Game

For those who enjoy a good game of blackjack, but get tired of overwhelming flashy graphics that are full of glitches, this is the perfect game for you! Player’s Suite Blackjack has smooth graphics and an easy to use interface that makes the player feel like they are seated at a blackjack table at a fancy casino in Monaco or with a group of friends playing a game of cards. If you enjoy a simple and great game of blackjack then give Player’s Suite Blackjack a go because it was designed with the player in mind to create an optimal playing experience and some nice winnings!

How to Play Player’s Suite Blackjack

This game has standard blackjack rules with the aim of Player’s Suite Blackjack being to try to get a hand that is as close to twenty-one as possible. Players begin by placing their bets according to their personal preferences. Once all bets have been placed the player can then begin the game by clicking on the Deal button. Once the cards are dealt the player should choose whether to receive another card by clicking on the Hit button or to keep their hand as is by pressing on the Stand button. In the event that the first two cards dealt have the same value, the player can also choose to divide them into two different hands by clicking on the Split button. If the player felt good about the results of a previous bet, he or she can choose to place the same bet again on the next hand by clicking on the Rebet & Deal button. If the player would like to start anew and remove all of their bets, they can click on the Clear All button.

Updates to this game include improved understandability through the modification of icons on the screens as well as roll over animations that allow the player to hover over a button to read a description of what it does.

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