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Blackjack is the quintessential casino game and is popular in brick-and-mortar establishments across the world. The game is also well-suited for online play and is offered in a variety of formats right here on Betfair Casino. In this version of blackjack, software developer NetEnt has created a no-frills gambling experience which strips the game down to its purest form and offers players the same exciting action they could expect in any Atlantic City casino!

How to Play

In blackjack, players are dealt two cards while their opponent (the dealer) is dealt one card faceup and another facedown. The player’s job is to guess the total point value of the dealer’s two cards and try to beat it without going over 21. This is done by either asking for more cards by “hitting,” or by “standing pat.”

Numbered cards keep their stated value, while face cards are equal to 10 points. Aces can be used as 1 point or as 11, whichever best suits the player’s needs. If the user is dealt an ace along with a 10-value card on his first two cards, he will win the hand with a total of 21 – also known as “blackjack” – and receive a 3:2 payout. When both the dealer and the player have the same point value, the hand is deemed a “push” and the player’s bet is returned. Generally, when the dealer’s first card is a 10-value card, it’s best to assume that his facedown card is also a 10 when making your decision whether to hit or stand.

Placing Your Bet

Your first task when placing your bet is to choose a chip denomination from those presented in the bottom center of the game window. Click on the chip of your choice, then click one or more of the three circles to place your bet. Clicking multiple times in the same circle increases your wager by the value of your chosen chip.

To start the game, look for the pulsating circle of cards in the middle of the game window and click it. Once you click, you will be dealt two cards faceup, while the dealer is dealt one faceup and another facedown. From here you have the option of asking for another card by clicking on the + icon, standing pat by clicking the red hand icon or doubling your bet by clicking the x2 icon. In certain situations, you may also be given the chance to split your two cards, creating an additional hand.

If you haven’t gone over 21, you can click the stand icon to lock in your hand value and pass the action to the dealer. The dealer will then reveal his hole card and play out the hand following a predetermined set of rules. If the dealer busts or finishes with a lower point value than your hand, you win and are paid out accordingly.

Special Features

This NetEnt blackjack game comes with very few extras. However, one special feature to note is the display in the upper right-hand corner of the game window which shows the dealer’s last 10 hands. Like most other online games, you also have the option of speeding up the action or turning up the background music.

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