Aladdin's Legacy

Aladdin's Legacy
Aladdin's Legacy

In Aladdin’s Legacy, you’ll embark on an epic desert quest to secure a Golden Lamp which can turn your every wish into reality. This 5 reel, 20 line slot is packed with Free Spins and Bonus Games which will help you get ever closer to Aladdin’s Magic Lamp, and bring you wealth beyond your wildest dreams!

Hit 3 or more Scattered Lamp symbols and you’ll trigger the Free Spins Bonus round where you’ll receive up to a massive 20 Free Games! During the Into the Cave Bonus, start your path toward the Magic Lamp by picking Gems to unlock the next round while earning big credit rewards. In the Treasure Room Bonus, you’ll make your way towards the Cave’s Vault, which holds a huge payday! Summon all of your courage in Aladdin’s Legacy, and the treasures of ancient Persia could be yours!

  • Reels: 5
  • Lines: 20
  • Game Features: Free Spins Bonus, Into the Cave Bonus, Treasure Room Bonus
  • Wild Symbol: Flying Carpet
  • Bonus Symbols: Aladdin’s Lamp
  • Game Developer: Amaya
  • Game Category: Video Slots

Betting Set-Up
To place a bet, first set your credit amount with the Arrows on the bottom left of the game. Next choose the amount of credits bet per spin by selecting a number up to 5. Finally, click on the Golden Lamp on the bottom of the game to start your spin.

To have the game run your spins automatically, click the Auto Spin button on the bottom left of the slot window.

Free Spins Bonus
When 3 or more Scattered Lamp symbols appear, you’ll win up to 20 Free Games. Bonus Spins feature a different pay table. If during the Free Spins a Cave symbol appears, the Into the Cave Bonus Round is triggered.

Into the Cave Bonus Round
In this round, you’ll choose 3 Gems from a circle with prizes awarded after each selection. If you select the correct Gem, you’ll open the Cave Door and trigger the Treasure Room Bonus Game. If your selection does not open the Cave Door, you’ll be returned to play out your remaining Free Spins.

Treasure Room Bonus
In this game you’ll try to select the correct pathway to the Cave Vault. Each time you make a successful selection will be awarded a prize. If you choose incorrectly, you’ll be returned to finish your remaining Free Spins. If you successfully complete the Treasure Room Bonus, the Vault will open and reveal your final prize.

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