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3 Wheel Roulette

3 Wheel Roulette
3 Wheel Roulette

Player’s Suite 3 Wheel Roulette takes this popular casino game to a whole new level, introducing several features that you’ll absolutely love! In the newest incarnation of Player’s Suite, you’ll enjoy hyperrealistic gameplay along with clean and crisp graphics which make placing your bet a snap! Check out our Color Up Bonus Bet, which incorporates all 3 reels and can earn you returns that you’ll never find at your local casino’s roulette table! Add spray paint betting, a 3-reel history indicator and an option to save your favorite bet layouts, and you’ll be having triple the fun in no time!

Placing Your Bet

Player’s Suite’s interface has been crafted to give users a clear overview of the action while presenting all of the available bets. To place your wager, first click on one of the chip denominations in the bottom right-hand side of the game, then click the numbers on which you’d like to bet. When you’re ready to spin, simply click the yellow Spin icon. If you’ve made a mistake, you may select Undo or Clear All in order to start over fresh.

Special Features

The great thing about Players Suite 3 Wheel Roulette is the number of betting options available and the tools provided which can save your favorite betting patterns to easily repeat any of your wagers. Player’s Suite has improved the betting process even further by adding advanced options like spray paint betting, which allows you to simply click and drag across numbers, and history wheel betting, a feature which allows you to bet directly from the history screen.

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