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Follow the Roads

EZBaccarat is the only baccarat game online that does not shuffle after every hand and the only game where you can track patterns in the shoe and follow the roads that are posted on its scoreboard. All other baccarat games on the Internet play one hand per shoe shuffling every time. This produces no patterns and there are no roads for players to follow.

With EZBaccarat, at the start of each game, eight decks are locked inside the JadeShoe and the cards are not reshuffled until all the hands are played – as it should be! This is why knowledgeable players prefer EZBaccarat the most popular and exciting baccarat brand in the world.

Side Bets

EZBaccarat offers the fantastical side bets Dragon7 and Panda8. The Dragon7 occurs when the Banker wins with a three-card 7 and pays 40:1. The Panda8 occurs when the Player wins with a three-card 8 and pays 25:1.

EZTrak Scoreboard

The EZTrak scoreboard allows you to track the shoe, look for patterns and follow the roads.
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